CarteNav offers three core products that satisfy the off-the-shelf, tailored and command centre range of deployment types.


AIMS-HD is mission system software that process live video and data from cameras and other sensors (radar, AIS, searchlight) and geo-references and displays that data in real-time in a customisable user interface. Combining sensor management with a variety of pre-mission planning, and post-mission review features delivers enhanced situational awareness and improves mission effectiveness.

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AIMS-HD Datasheet - Spanish


AIMS-ISR® is mission system software tailored to satisfy a specific set of system requirements. The software is able to interface with a range of sensor types including: cameras, AIS, SIGINT, ESM, radar, weapons, location trackers and comms systems. Sensor data is geo-referenced and overlaid onto the live video and moving map to create a comprehensive situational awareness picture. AIMS-ISR® can also control the sensors, enabling new inter-sensor functionality that enhances mission capability and effectiveness on airborne, land-based and maritime platforms.

AIMS-ISR Datasheet - Spanish


AIMS-GS+ is software that provides a planning, observation and review capability for use with AIMS-HD installed on mission platforms. Pre-mission planning tools enable new tasks to be generated and easily uploaded onto the mission platform. During a mission, AIMS-GS+ displays the live video received via satcom or a downlink. It also ingests STANAG 4609 metadata enabling aircraft and sensor data to be displayed live on the moving map. Post-mission, the operator can replay and review saved missions for analysis and training purposes. The user interface can be optimised for desktops, display walls and touchscreens.


Product Approach


Fundamental to CarteNav's approach is the creation of solutions which are Intuitive, Flexible, and Connected.

footprintv2 Intuitive – CarteNav's products have been designed with extensive input from end-users. Our objective is to integrate and simplify the use of complex sensor systems. This includes making our products easy to install, configure, and support.

Flexible – A wide variety of mission profiles, tasks, and capabilities are supported by a single software application. We adopt an approach to software architecture that enables it to be used on a variety of computing and display form factors ranging from tablet computers for space-constrained operating environments to multiple workstation configurations for teams undertaking the most complex of missions. The software architecture is also founded on a modular approach that allows an unparalleled ability to integrate external sensor systems. This approach to flexibility extends to other advanced capabilities including multi-lingual support and allowing users to easily import their own geographic and mapping data.

Connected – AIMS-ISR® and AIMS-HD are designed from the ground up to support networked operations ideal for integrated teams working together on airborne, maritime, or ground vehicle platforms, as well as remote sharing of information with other platform types and command teams. An open database architecture, together with data import and export features, enable our customers to leverage mission and sensor data to provide maximum benefit to every level of the operational organization. These features also provide valuable and timely information products to downstream users.

Key Features

•   EO/IR imaging system integration including advanced sensor control and tools for video recording, playback and image capture, annotation, editing, and export.
   Flexible digital moving map including Map Converter for importing customer-owned map assets.
   User interface is fully configurable and can be saved as user profiles, providing optimized use for different tasks with the same system.
AIMS onplanev2   Display and management of track data.
   Advanced support for geographical Digital Terrain Elevation Data (DTED) enabling highly accurate display of sensor footprints and generation of imagery metadata.
   Standards-based support for geo-referencing full-motion video and still image information products that are terrain corrected.
   Tactical Vision feature set displays mission data including track, street address, and geographical data overlayed on full-motion video, providing unparalleled access to tactical data during critical operations. In addition, camera controls have been integrated with the video display allowing the operator to control an EO/IR turret intuitively with a mouse, trackpad, trackball, or touchscreen.
   Street address databases and integrated street data features.
   Integrated support for leading third-party Motion Target Indication and Scene Change Detection algorithms.
   Comprehensive suite of mission management tools are also provided, allowing the user to build a powerful and comprehensive operating picture.
   Analysis features including perimeter mapping shape generation and a track filter capability to preserve non-redundant tracks.
   Post-mission review based on full-mission timeline, event markers, and playback of video synchronized with mission data including own-platform position and sensor and link-generated track positions.
   Distributed database technology allows operator responsibilities to be assigned to any workstation, allowing operator flexibility to manipulate any sensor, or to fulfill any decision-team function.
   Remote workstation support allows a client AIMS workstation to be located off-platform (provided communication with the AIMS master controller permits).
   Microsoft® Windows®-based software, deployable on a wide variety of COTS hardware.

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