In operation for over a decade, CarteNav Solutions Inc. has built on a foundation of complex defence research projects to create cutting-edge solutions which have been deployed on a wide variety of operational missions for military, government, and commercial customers. CarteNav's products are in use in over 17 countries the world over, with hundreds of software licenses in operational use.

Operationally Proven

CanadianP3 borderCarteNav Solutions' software has been deployed for a variety of critical applications throughout the globe.

The Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) has deployed AIMS-ISR® for both rotary-wing and fixed-wing airborne intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) missions. On-board the CP-140(Aurora), AIMS-ISR® provided important maritime and over-land capabilities that increased overall mission efficiency and enabled the gathering and exploitation of ISR data for various and diverse missions, including security operations for the Vancouver Olympics, helicopterweb border and more recently for ISR operations over Libya. The RCAF also uses AIMS-ISR® with the CH-146 Griffon helicopter which has been deployed in operational theatres such as Afghanistan to provide ISR and escort support to other assets.The solution was tailored to provide a human-machine interface on a tablet computer that could be easily used by the crew.

The Royal Australian Air Force uses AIMS-ISR® on the AP-3C Orion long range patrol aircraft for a variety of mission types including Coalition operations in the Middle East and Search and Rescue within Australia's vast area of search responsibility. This image shows an Orion crew member using AIMS-ISR® as part of the international search for Malaysian Airline flight MH370 in the South Indian Ocean in 2014.

raaf image CarteNav has several fire mapping systems at work on board helicopters used during Australia's annual fire fighting season. Infrared cameras allow the leading edge of the fire and hot spots to be geo-located in real-time on a digital map and sent to assets on the ground so that all fire-fighting units know in real-time where the fire is, what direction it's moving, and how fast it's advancing.fireimageIn addition, information can be displayed as various overlays and map shapes. A report shown here was produced from data gathered by CarteNav software during a HeliWest operation for the Fire & Emergency Services Authority of Western Australia and illustrates the progress of a major bush fire. It shows what area had been burnt to government authorities and the public.

CarteNav's AIMS-ISR® software provides the Royal New Zealand Navy's fleet of seven Offshore and Inshore patrol vessels with a Sensor Management capability that was previously unavailable to navies without investing in expensive, complex combat systems. The result is an affordable solution that satisfies the essential capabilities for situational awareness processing, display, data dissemination, and track management.
HMNZS HaweaOtago
CarteNav has been contracted by a global, industry-owned cooperative that specializes in responding to maritime oil spill incidents. CarteNav's software enables operators to monitor and track the oil spills wherever in the world they may occur. CarteNav's software enables operators to monitor the oil slick with sophisticated EO/IR imaging systems and support accurate data collection while battling the oil slick by keeping track of the ocean area Dornierand paths sprayed, measuring and communicating the quantity and the rate of dispersant sprayed, and providing operators in the air and on the ground with a camera view of the spraying heads.

A number of CarteNav's customers are aviation services firms that provide a variety of contract ISR services to military, homeland security, and public safety government agencies. Amongst these services are the provision of full imagery intelligence, ISR capability, the aerial picture for force protection, border patrol, anti-piracy, disaster assessment, infrastructure monitoring and security, and forest fire detection. CarteNav's software integrates data from the aircraft sensors to provide mission data on a digital map such that a basic command and TacVisionscreencontrol system is available for pilots and operators to conduct their wide diversity of missions in an easy-to-use manner. These operators' fleets have the operational benefit of AIMS-HD's integrated camera control, AIS integration, video recording and playback, and the capability to downlink mission data.


Continuous Investment in Research & Development

Research and Development (R&D) is at the very foundation of the growth and development of CarteNav Solutions. In fact, the company was born and bred in international defence laboratories. Previous and current R&D activities include:
   •   Contributing and collaborating with numerous defence research projects with agencies such as Defence Research and Development Canada (DRDC), the Defence Technology Agency (DTA) of New Zealand, and the Australian Defence Science Technology Organization (DSTO). Recent activities included work related to advanced sensor solutions for Search and Rescue in Canada and participating in Trident Warrior 2011 in collaboration with DTA.
   •   CarteNav is currently contributing to the European Space Agency SASISA (Small-Aircraft Service for Instant Situational Awareness) project.
   •   Regularly undertaking innovation projects with the support of agencies such as the Canadian Government's National Research Council.
We continue to invest heavily in R&D. As a result our products are continuously evolving to stay abreast of technology and to meet emerging customer needs.logos


Global Partnering and Collaboration 

Throughout CarteNav Solutions' history we have worked closely with both end-clients and industry partners to create innovative and cost effective solutions for numerous challenging applications. Our end users have contributed greatly to the evolution of the product through feedback based on thousands of hours of operational use.

CarteNav also works very closely with a variety of leading industry partners including sensor manufacturers, communications networking firms, integrators, prime contractors, and other software product firms. By collaborating with firms that are complementary in terms of skills and product offerings we enhance the overall end solution employed by the customer. CarteNav has significant experience working with partners supporting activities such collaborative product development, large programs involving the deployment of mission systems, and coordinating in-service support for full lifecycle management.