An International leader in Mission System Software

CarteNav is a leading supplier of mission system software that enhances situational awareness and improves mission effectiveness across a wide variety of mission types on airborne, land-based and maritime platforms.

The AIMS family of software products is ITAR-free and interfaces with multiple sensor types (camera, radar, searchlight, ESM and many others) combining their outputs into a single geo-referenced picture.CarteNav MissionSystemSoftware The software has recently been extended to include full control and management of a range of airborne surveillance radars enabling a single operator at a single workstation to manage the whole sensor suite.

AIMS is the software of choice for government, military, and commercial customers and is deployed in over 35 countries around the world for the efficient and effective delivery of a wide range of missions including ISR, SAR, ALE, pollution monitoring, fire mapping and infrastructure inspection.

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