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The needle in the haystack? We have its coordinates.


AIMS-ISR® is a revolutionary situational awareness solution that enables military, security and commercial surveillance aircraft to achieve clarity in the complexity of airborne operations.

AIMS-ISR® is configured to integrate data from multiple aircraft sensors and other sources to build a powerful and comprehensive picture.

Full sensor data integration, proven operating picture building tools and a robust map engine mean tactical teams have the picture they need to support mission-critical decisions.

Solution Details

Linked operating picture

Data from multiple AIMS-ISR®-equipped units can be shared, correlated and displayed as a common operating picture. AIMS-ISR® equipped aircraft can dramatically improve access to the power of modern electro-optic devices, AIS, radar, and other sensors/links, thereby bringing a whole new level of detail, clarity and coordination to airborne intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance.

Proven yet adaptable

AIMS-ISR® is a cost-effective, COTS solution. It can integrate a variety of input data, and transmit this information to multiple display outputs.

Intuitive operation

The product of thousands of hours of operational testing and development, the AIMS-ISR® operator/machine interface offers operators exceptional ease of use.

Fingertip control

Cutting edge, intuitive control features give operators exceptional capabilities to focus sensors and identify contacts.


AIMS-ISR® enhances mission planning through a full suite of tools that can draw shapes and input waypoints, reference points and intelligence to the operating picture. AIMS-ISR has been shown to reduce mission time by close to 20%.

Mission recording

AIMS-ISR® records mission information, providing the operational team with geo-referenced images, video recording and playback. The result: enhanced mission effectiveness and evidence gathering.

The AIMS-ISR® Family of Products


This version of AIMS-ISR® facilitates the sharing of operational picture information between AIMS-ISR® equipped units. This permits any combination of ship-air-ground-command common operating picture to be created and maintained.


This version of AIMS-ISR® integrates data from multiple sensors and workstations, providing an operating picture of unparalleled clarity and comprehensiveness. This software product has served as the sensor integration and display system in Australian P-3s deployed to the Middle East and in Canadian Auroras deployed to the Vancouver Olympics.

AIMS-ISR® Multiple Sensors

This AIMS-ISR® product allows a user at a single workstation to integrate multiple sensors on an easy-to-manipulate display, thereby providing excellent situational awareness. This version is found on New Zealand P-3s.

AIMS-ISR® Single Sensor

AIMS-ISR® Single Sensor is used to manipulate and integrate data from a single sensor. The best example of the use of this product would be those smaller patrol aircraft and helicopters that are equipped with high-end EO turrets, but suffer with inadequate capabilities either to control the turret or to present video and contact/track related data adequately to the operator.

AIMS-ISR® Simulator

This product simulates sensor activity and aircraft movement, providing excellent training capabilities to enhance operator and decision-team readiness.

AIM-ISR® Pre & Post Mission

AIMS-ISR® Pre & Post Mission is a hand portable tool that facilitates mission planning and post-mission analysis. In the case of pre-mission planning it can be used to download intelligence and geographical reference data into airborne AIMS-ISR®. The post-mission analysis capability allows replay of recorded sensor data.

"The quality and timeliness of your responses to our requests for operational support exceeded my high expectations. CarteNav have set a benchmark that I can not see being exceeded by any contractor supporting the Task Group or the wider AP-3C project community."
Kevin J. Murray, Wing Commander, RAAF, Commander Task Group 633.2
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